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9 beauty tips to save time in the morning


Who never dreamt to have a few extra minutes to sleep in the morning? We often face the same dilemma: stay in bed for a couple more minutes or have enough time to get ready. With our 9 beauty tips, no more compromise!

  1.  For an express freshness-kick in the morning, cleanse your skin with micellar water. It is perfect to eliminate fatty substances and impurities. Your skin will be fresh and ready for the application of a cream and makeup.
  2. Apply a day cream with integrated solar protection. You will save a step without neglecting your skin!
  3. BB and CC creams are your best ally for a smooth complexion with light coverage. The BB cream provides hydration and brightness to the skin. The CC cream is ideal to get an instant healthy-glow and smooth the skin.
  4. Don’t forget your concealer to illuminate the eye contour. Keep it in the refrigerator to reduce puffiness under the eyes upon application, thanks to its fresh effect.
  5. Dark-circles give a tired and dull appearance to the face. It is possible to fight this fatigue and energize these tired eyes with a specific care. The daily application of an eye contour cream provides a global rejuvenation and a radiance boost to this sensitive area.
  6. Applying a luminous lipstick brightens the complexion and makes the whiteness of the teeth pop. Choose the colour depending on the season: burgundy or purple shades during fall, pink and coral shades during summer.
  7. The application of a false-lashes mascara enlarges the eyes. Its shiny texture lifts the lashes and allows to elongate them.
  8. Avoid touch ups during the day with the fix powder that absorbs the excess oil and gives a velvety complexion. Using a powder is essential for a sleek makeup that lasts all day.
  9. Apply a moisturizing mask at night. This step allows the skin to do its job during the night and to move to the makeup step faster the next morning.

And you, what are your beauty tips?

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