22 Pro Tips in Electrolysis


Whether you are taking your first steps as a professional electrologist or you already have several years of experience, it is always possible to improve your technique. To help you, we have compiled 22 tips that will increase your efficiency, performance and the comfort level of your clients:

  1. It is possible to insert your probe at a slight angle when treating hard-to-reach areas such as the buttocks. However, this technique is for experts only, since the insertion technique must be perfectly mastered.
  2. Tension is not the same as pressure. Keep your client’s skin taut, to make insertions easier and your client will not be as indisposed by the heat.
  3. The quality of your work relies on the precision of your insertions. Take your time, this is not a race!
  4. Always begin by removing hair in the facial area before tending to other body areas, both for hygienic reasons and for your client’s satisfaction. By proceeding in this manner, the skin in the facial area will be soothed by the time the session is done.
  5. Cushions are used for your client’s comfort, but also to provide easier access to the treated area and thus improve the quality of your work. Don’t hesitate to use them and don’t forget to raise the opposite side.
  6. It is recommended to have your equipment checked at least once every 3 years under normal operating conditions.
  7. Knowing the full potential of your equipment is a good starting point to achieve the results you seek.
  8. It is essential to update your skills on a regular basis given the phenomenal evolution of electrolysis.
  9. The area around the eyes is highly vascularized. Be careful when performing insertions to avoid bruising. Also avoid applying too much pressure on this delicate area.
  10. Always keep some time for post-epilatory care, cataphoresis and final recommendations. Your clients will really appreciate this personal attention.
  11. Arm hair has always been a concern for certain women. Today, this area can be rapidly and safely treated, like any other part of the body. It is preferable to begin with the longest and darkest hair and to treat progressively both arms during the same session.
  12. During the consultation, you must take time to perform a skin exam. In some situations, a slight chloasma on the upper lip or a few freckles could become more visible after hair removal, and this should be mentioned to the client.
  13. It is possible for electrologists to offer thermolysis treatments to persons wearing a pacemaker. However, don’t forget to contact your insurance company before performing such treatments. Furthermore, ask the client for medical clearance from her attending physician.
  14. Never forget to emphasize to your clients that it is critical to apply a sunscreen in the 48 hours following treatment or more if there is presence of redness.
  15. Be careful! Use only as much energy as you need for your treatments. Adjust your treatment duration according to the depth of insertion and constantly watch for skin reactions on your client.
  16. Many electrologists worry about performing electrolysis in the facial or neck area of African Americans, due to the presence of keloids and distorted follicles. Always keep in mind that a properly treated follicle will be straighter and shallower, and so easier to treat during regrowth. Obviously, this skin type has a tendency to react to hyperpigmentation, thus it becomes essential to use insulated probes such as IsoBlend or IsoGard probes by Pro-Tec®, depending on the selected technique, to avoid any unpleasant side effects.
  17. Avoid discussing your personal life with your clients. If one of your clients decides to confide in you, your professional duty is to listen, not pour out your own problems.
  18. If you wish to offer a special to your clients, don’t discount your prices, but rather offer a free service or product. Reducing your prices only reduces the value of your work in the eyes of your clients.
  19. Make your electrolysis treatments relaxing. Play some soft music, cover non-treated areas with a soft fleece and offer your client a cup of herbal tea…
  20. Always cover your client’s eyes with small protective glasses when performing treatments in the face or neck area. This helps prevent incidents and increases your client’s comfort by shielding her eyes from the light source.
  21. Clean your probe on a regular basis during treatment using gauze dampened with antibacterial solution such as BactiRince de Gala in order to eliminate residue which could collect on the probe. The current will flow more effectively and your insertions will be easier.
  22. If your client has curly or distorted hair, treat these hair in the early anagen phase. At the very start of its growth, the hair is shallower and not as distorted, which makes it easier to reach the bulb.

And you, what is your pro tip ?

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  • Reply karen 2016-03-23 at 04:59

    I m wondering why prices arent posted for electrology machines… Can I get a price list please?

    • Reply Jessica Gagnon 2016-03-23 at 15:13

      Hello Karen, we do not post our prices simply because we only sell to certified electrologists or doctors. We just want to make sure our clients have the required certification before giving them any price list. If you are interested in purchasing one of our devices, please send an email to info@dectro.com, let us know where you are located and we will be able to provide you with all the necessary information. Thank you!

  • Reply TopElectrolysisNYC 2018-11-30 at 01:00

    Informative post..
    Usually had seen posts about new users but saw this post for electrologists. It is important that the therapist also should understand clients point of view, their comfort level, tolerance capacity etc.

    • Reply jean-michel lavoie 2018-12-19 at 09:46

      Hi! Thank you for your comment. We indeed try to achieve a balanced approach, between attending to the needs of our professional clientele, while striving to provide some guidance and education to the general public when appropriate.

  • Reply Niwe Academy 2018-12-29 at 02:13

    Tips of your article is very useful. These tips are really helpful for professional electrologist to improve electrolysis techniques. The content of your blog is informative.

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