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Quick Field Guide for Challenging Times


The difficult constraints imposed on us by the fight against the present pandemic are taking a heavy toll on our industry. You may certainly be feeling frustrated or demoralized to be forced to keep your business closed after the Holiday break. Never has it been this hard to stay connected to your passion, as well as to stay afloat mentally and financially, with the ever-increasing burden this situation is unleashing upon all of us. But all is not lost, and far from it. Indeed, thanks to our experience from last year, we now know better how to navigate these challenging circumstances. Let us then present you a few simple and accessible ways for you to cope with the current challenges.

Social Media and Video Content: Staying Engaged

Nowadays, you would be hard pressed to do without social media. As the choice means of communication in the world today, virtual contacts are part and parcel of a winning business strategy in 2021. Beef up your online presence by adding informative videos like product recommendations or application tutorials. You can even share more personal messages, all the while keeping the beauty angle front and center. And even if you do not feel ready to go full-bore by creating a YouTube channel and supplying it with content regularly, you can easily share material created by your favorite brands on your chosen platform to keep your audience tuned in.

Reaching Clients at Home

Lockdown or no, skin care remains as relevant as ever – and maybe even more so, considering the time of year we are in. Take advantage of available video conferencing tools such as Facetime, Messenger or Zoom to set up personalized virtual consultations. Not only are those useful to keep in touch with your clients (if only to simply say hello!), but they can also provide you with ways to keep offering professional services to them. And if your reach is wide enough, you could even organize virtual events on such platforms as Instagram and Facebook to bring together your most devoted clients to discuss beauty-related matters. Do not hesitate to offer specific products to your clients so they can keep up their beauty routines at home. You can also ship them the products they need or offer them a pick-up service. Certain businesses such as Dectro can also ship (or more specifically, “dropship”) orders directly to your customers.

Aesthetic Care: An Essential Service

We hear a lot about the importance of self-care, these days. And for good reason! The ability to rake care of oneself, far from being a frivolous matter, is indeed a serious mental health issue. So here’s to keeping our hopes up. Beauty, even if temporarily served in virtual fashion, has a key role to play, even an essential one. And dare we hope that through your efforts, you may be able to help others to carry on through this winter with a smile on their faces.

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