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Opti-vizion Flip : Details Do Matter


Electroepilation, microaesthetics, permanent makeup or even thermocoagulation all demand an extreme level of precision as well as uncompromising technique. As a professional in these very competitive fields, you deserve effective tools that allow you to do your best work, day in and day out. That is what we aimed for with the newest generation Opti-vizion system – to take your craft to the next level and provide even better results for your clients.

Beyond the Naked Eye

Your eye is a marvel of bioengineering, a complex and elegantly efficient organ. But it clearly has its limits. For delicate operations, the Opti-vizion Flip allows you to see closer, and with much greater clarity than with the naked eye, that is, up to 42 times actual size (or 168 diopters). At such a high level of magnification, the most minute details and delicate structures of the skin become clearly visible. We also have equipped the Opti-vizion with a 13,3-inch FullHD IPS panel which offers a wider contrast range and viewing angle than conventional screens. We also placed an array of LED lights all around the lens of the camera to allow you to work easily on very fine hairs, and on the vary palest to the darkest of skins. In other words, nothing will stop you.

Flexibility, Without the Gymnastics

It is your tools that should be flexible, not you! Incorrect posture strains your ability to work properly and create tension in the neck and back area. This, as we know, can lead to injury. Comfort is the flip side of efficiency. So we went back to the drawing board with the new Opti-vizion system to help you achieve even greater freedom of movement: rotating camera on a multi-position articulated arm, 180-degree swiveling screen with lateral handles, high magnification level, etc. The Opti-vizion Flip truly adapts itself to the task at hand. Whether you are tall or short, and wherever you need to work, the smooth and precise adjustments allow for optimal posture so you can achieve impressive results.

Original Technology, Made Locally

Dectro International is proud to offer a tool such as the Opti-vizion Flip to beauty and hair removal specialists; a patented technology, designed and built in Canada. If you are intrigued by the possibilities the Opti-vizion can open up for your business, feel free to watch our video content here: and do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


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  • Reply Christine 2021-02-19 at 12:38

    Hi, I was wondering if the camera comes with monochrome and ability to control polarization? Thanks

    • Reply Jean-Michel 2021-04-15 at 14:52

      Hi Christine. Sorry for the late answer. No unfortunately, there is no monochrome mode nor polarization control.

  • Reply Anna Coleman 2021-02-22 at 04:15

    Hi, I would like a price on Opti-Vision.
    Also any other other information.

    Regards Anna Coleman

    • Reply Jean-Michel 2021-04-15 at 14:43

      Hi Anna,

      Sorry for the late answer. I see from your email address that you are in Australia. I would urge you to contact our distributor in your country, Holo Academy regarding pricing and availability: Thank you!

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